Content Strategy



We all like content that will engage and entertain our customers and have them coming back to our websites again and again. But you can’t just slap marketing copy up with some whizbang video and pretty pictures and hope that the consumer won’t notice it’s branded content. They will, and they’ll resent the fact you’ve tried to con them.

Good branded content needs to be honest, clever, useful and entertaining. This happens when the perfect mix of creative, marketing, information management, user-experience research and, yes, brilliant content producers come together.

You need someone who can effectively communicate your company message – in the language of the customer (that bit is very important so I underlined it) – while keeping all business objectives in place.

A good content producer brings together all the expertise of a business and condenses down the information to a simple message that says, ‘Choose us’.

I have worked with major website brands for nearly 13 years (that long already?), from (set up by the Telegraph Group in 2000 and now owned by Hearst) to launching a fashion vertical for in 2010.

I have worked at and contribute to two of the most widely-read and loved digital publications in the world – MailOnline (officially the most-read website in the world) and (needs no introductions).

At three New York agencies, I work as a freelance copywriter and content developer to help create brand bibles, style guides (including tone of voice and POV), and other content solutions for major fashion and lifestyle brands.

I excel at producing exceptional ways to connect with a customer. I am experienced in managing freelancers and contributors (including user-generated content, bloggers and social media feeds). But none of this means much if I couldn’t also work across departments to produce a quality product or if I didn’t possess the client management skills to take the bright ideas to the market.

Still here? If you like the sound of what you’re reading, please get in touch.


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