Crossing the Cultural Divide

pic from J Crew

Now I’ve had the baby, set up home and found my feet (just about in that order too), my ever-active mind is turning to full-time work.

I’ve managed to shift the dreadful H4 visa onto a less archaic 01 visa so am all good to head out into the Big City and find some permanent work.

Working in NYC – in a shiny office, not just from home – would complete my experience here. I was a career girl in Sydney and London before the H1B whisked me off to foreign climes, so taking so much time out to set up a home and have a baby has been, at times, very frustrating.

As much as we share the H1Bs earnings, I do have to run major purchases by him and it makes the independent woman in me feel like I’m asking permission.

Plus, I won’t lie, I relish the working wardrobe that comes with earning your own cash. Browsing J Crew and ShopBop isn’t a pleasant experience for me. Materialistic, me? Well if it’s good enough for Madonna….

Anyways, I found this great article by Moda Operandi CEO Áslaug Magnúsdóttir on crossing the cultural divide in the NYC workplace.

(Note: don’t invite colleagues to the pub after work – a concept that is thoroughly alien to any working Brit.)

“While every day I learn a little more about how to conduct business in America as an American would, I still find myself smacking into situations where my foreign-ness is the culprit…” READ THE REST OF IT HERE…..


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