Inside a ‘real’ Brownstone

Love this piece from the New York Times Living section about a beautifully restored Brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The couple who own it restored it as close to its original state as possible, with furnishings and wallpaper etc from the Victorian era (funny how Americans still call it the Victorian era).

It’s always fascinating to me how these huge houses would have looked before they were split into flats for urbanites.

This picture is of the front room – and is what our bedroom would have looked like when it was still the grand parlour of the house (although the house our apartment is in is a bit wider). We still have those beautiful windows and woodwork detail, although all painted white now, and the fireplace is hidden by a gigantic Ikea closet. At least, I hope it is. I hope it hasn’t been ripped out.

Wish our entrance hall looked quite as inviting too (rather than the musty carpet and dim lighting is currently has, although the landlord swears they are sending in the carpet cleaners next week).

Do have a look at the other pictures by NYT interiors photographer Trevor Tondro because they are breathtaking.



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