Weekend Away from New York

The Orchard Street Inn

Even the most committed Manhattanite needs to get out of the city sometimes. For a country girl like me, who craves fresh air and space – even in the relatively unbuilt-up Brooklyn – it’s a necessity. So am more than excited about our first trip out of town this coming weekend. We are going to Stonington in Connecticut and staying at the Orchard Street Inn. Stonington is on the ocean coast of Conneticut before it turns into the Long Island sound (so on the mainland directly north of Montauk).

It looks like the type of place you’d own a yacht, which appeals enormously to my G&T-swigging-on-a-boat aspirations. I’m looking forward to some windy walks on the beach, some fine seafood and a long, hot bubble bath in the ensuite (our own “bath” is more like a deep shower and is quite unsatisfying, especially as the non-double-glazed windows make it the coldest room in the apartment).

We’re going away with our neighbours Paul and Julia who are fast becoming our New Best Friends. By some great mystical fortune Julia is pregnant at almost exactly the same time as me – she’s about a week ahead. Paul is from Stonington originally and they go up quite frequently and have been kind enough to invite us and drive us up (we had them over for dinner on Sunday and I think the Nigel Slater/Jamie Oliver mash-up British trifle convinced them we’re worthy).

I’m sure I’ll get the travel bug once I realise how easy it is to get out of New York. Have already been busy scouring the pages of this fabulous book: 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA and Canada by The New York Times every time I pop into a Barnes & Noble.


One thought on “Weekend Away from New York

  1. If you can handle the longer drive, Newport RI is lovely and has that whole yachty, clam chowdery vibe. Enjoy! Look forward to reading about your weekend adventures.

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