Yarn Snobs

With all this time on my hands and our lack of immediate lack of cash flow, thanks to coughing up three month’s rent + bond + broker’s fees (which we will get back eventually), I thought I might revisit my love of knitting and make the H1B a scarf for Christmas.

I like knitting because it’s productive and meditative at the same time. You can do some pretty cool stuff with it. Patience is a bit of a problem (I like buying the wool and imagining the end result more than the actual knit-pearl-knit-oh-fuck-I’ve-dropped-a-stitch process) but one thing is for sure, it’s a time filler.

So I google some knitting shops and found a place in Soho – Purl One. Being Soho, it’s a beautifully laid out shop, with rows of the softest organic baby alpaca skeins (no polyester/acrylic mix here) and flickable art books created by people with much more skill and determination (and patience) than me.

However, being Soho, I also came across the interminable cooler-than-thou shop assistant. On looking at some exquisitely made up cable-knit scarves hanging behind the counter, I asked if they sold the patterns. “They are part of a kit,” drawled the shop assistant. Can I see them? “They are out the back and have 100% cashmere wool and are a hundred dollars so….” So, no then.

The experience reminded me of this great video on the terrific funnyordie.com – posted on facebook some weeks ago by my fellow writer-in-New-York friend Pip.

By the way, do go to Purl One. I’m sure the staff are friendly and helpful 99% of the time. Just don’t ask them silly questions five minutes before closing on a Thursday.

And ps – that dark-haired girl’s fringe in the video is completely amazing and so is her outfit. Expect me to look like that next summer.


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