What If You Had to Ask Your Husband for a Credit Card?

One of the oddest aspects of being a trailing spouse is having to ask the H1B for money every day. Not that he makes me beg or anything, but it still makes me feel a bit helpless, hopeless and about 14.

An easy solution is to get a joint credit card, which means I can freely keep the home fires burning without having to ask for daily hand-outs.

So it’s no wonder I found this article by the blogsite Jezebel a little alarming…


2 thoughts on “What If You Had to Ask Your Husband for a Credit Card?

  1. Financial independence is a very important issue for trailing spouses no matter what country you’re living in. I have seen some horrible situations in the Middle East where a marriage has gone wrong mid-assignment and the husband holds all the cards financially (to say nothing of issues related to child custody, freedom to work, even freedom to travel). Women really need to think this through beforehand and discuss all the scenarios and options. Both parties need free access to money not just for self esteem but also for genuine emergencies. Great post!

    • Hi Judy – thanks for your comment and sorry about the late reply! You are my first comment, which makes me feel very readable and important. May I ask where you found the feature – on a google search? I’m glad that the piece resonated with you and will look out for similar stories. Keep reading! Hannah

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