Hey there,

Thank you for visiting my website.

I am a fashion-focused editor, content strategist and copywriter who excels at creating compelling digital user experiences to engage an audience. 

That’s the end of the formal introductions.

I live in New York City but was born in Britain. I’ve lived in Sydney, Australia, too (nice beaches). And Spain (nice ham). I think Irish Terriers are the best dogs.

You know that voice that makes a brand relevant and dynamic? I have the passion to make that happen (and possess the production, research and analytic skills to do it).

My career started in print – back when the publications that gave you paper cuts had editorial voices that were just as sharp. I’ve written for Vogue (Australia and British) for over years and was the Senior Editor at Rupert Murdoch’s highest-circulating Australian Sunday supplement, among other things.

Today, much of the best content* is online and digital is where I’m at: from copywriting and brand development for New York’s brightest 360 creative agencies (clients include: Marc By Marc Jacobs, Amazon Fashion, Unilever, Virgin Hotels and Channel4.com), to contributing to two of the world’s most widely read editorial websites: MailOnline.com and Vogue.co.uk.

If you are looking for a strong content producer, who understands how to make an engaging brand experience from the inside and out, contact me at hannahcrand@gmail.com, tweet me @hannah_rand, Tumblr with me or find me on LinkedIn.

*source: my opinion

News: Crosby Noricks of PR Couture was kind enough to put my thoughts about the future of fashion content, editorial and copywriting on her blog




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